One of my goals is to be non-judging. Another one of my goals is to inspire people. A goal of mine is try to help more. Another one of my goals is to include people in things. When I am non-judging I will not say mean things to people. When I try to include people I mean I will let them do things with me. The meaning of me inspiring people is to do good things in life. When I help more I will help my communite.

01/31/2013 6:07am

hey Evan, I like the 2013 goals writing

02/20/2013 6:42am

I love it!!!!! You should write more about your goal. I also like your home picture!

02/22/2013 6:42am

I like the way you described the reasons why you will include people in things and why you will be non-judging. I also like the quote you choose.You did great.


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