Thre biggest leason I have learned in 4th grade is that when you take things slow you can get things done and will get things right. you can do it fast and get it done so you can go out for recess but then when you get your report card back ou can have a bad grade. Now if you go slow you can still get things done and go out for recess and when you get your report card back you can get a good grade. You have to remember it is not race to see who can get done first. Just try to remember that you can go slow and still get a bad grade. Teachers don't grade you on how fast you went they grade you on how good you did. You can be a star.
One of my goals is to be non-judging. Another one of my goals is to inspire people. A goal of mine is try to help more. Another one of my goals is to include people in things. When I am non-judging I will not say mean things to people. When I try to include people I mean I will let them do things with me. The meaning of me inspiring people is to do good things in life. When I help more I will help my communite.